Case Study: Swachh Survekshan

3 min readDec 27, 2019

Quality Council of India had been commissioned by the Ministry of Urban Development to conduct an extensive survey to measure the success rate of Swachh Bharat Mission. Teams of trained surveyors visit various locations covering highly populated zones like railway stations, bus stands, marketplaces, religious places, residential zones and toilet complexes. Geotagged photos are collected as evidence.

SS 2019 — Poster

Different tiers of cities are assigned various activities that impact cleanliness from primary education level to professionals. This model perfectly fits the idea that development should be all-inclusive.


Swachh Survekshan 2019 for Ballarpur Municipal Council was an opportunity for the city to earn a higher ranking with cleanliness work via various activities across the city.

SS 2019 — Activity Poster
SS 2019 — Geotagged Photo

The idea that any good idea begins at home and the grassroots served as the basis for the various activities. Our team did a local field study and understood how the events could be implemented effectively. The study helped recognise need gaps and opportunities for success in the Swachh Survekshan 2019.


Along with the local & on-field study, the team also created a plan to take each activity forward, set up departments by delegating work to volunteers and members. Different groups were assigned different roles and responsibilities which included visiting each household, educating people about the initiative, ensuring maximum participation, regularly connecting to them for help & support, and executing all activities effectively.

SS 2019 — Distribution Cards

Contemporary designing was used so that it could appeal and attract youngsters equally. Digital promotions were extensively utilised and were well received by all.

The following categories of activities were carried out.

SS 2019 — Activity Poster
  1. School-level activities/competitions — Swachhagrahi Vidyarthi, Wealth from Waste, Gandhigiri, Innovative Ideas, Poster Competition, and others
  2. College-level activities/competitions — Clean Selfie, Jingle, Short Film, Cleanliness Ambassador, Street Play, and others
  3. Household activities/competitions — Home Composting, Clean Animals, Home Minister, Swachhagrahi Gruhini, and others
  4. General — Cleanliness of Roads, Railway, Platforms, Government Buildings & Premise, Private Workspaces, Segregation of Waste, and others
  5. Promotional Activities — Social Media Promotions, Designing, Informative Videos via LED van, and more

6. Swachhta App — Educating people regarding app usage, constant support for citizens, data collection

SS 2019 — App Poster


The year-round project helped the city reach a higher ranking. The project was the perfect combination of planning, organisation, management, constant evaluation, and control. The most remarkable achievement was the effective execution of the plans, along with human resource management, branding and digital promotions.

SS 2019 — Poster


The idea that change effectively spreads from the grassroots gave birth to the Swachh Bharat mission, and gradually cleaner villages, cities, & states are growing, and are maintained. The project is a classic example of sustainable development.




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