National Bird Day 2020

2 min readJan 4, 2020

The land of unity in diversity, India is blessed with natural beauty and picturesque hues in every form; colours in every element of our daily lives. From a simple rangoli at the entrance of a door to the most intricate attire, elegance and hues rule our hearts.

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No wonder, since time unknown, our culture and civilisation is inspired by nature and its constituents, and has very subtly adopted the elements of beauty in every walk of life.

Beyond their ability to teach us the freedom to fly high, birds are the beauty machines admired by humans. Humans have been seeking inspiration from birds for ages. Indians, even before that. There are mentions of pushpak vimana, a flying machine, in the ancient texts.

Aero-scientists work day and night to create some of the best aircrafts in the world. Drones are discovering the limitless skies in the current era. Birds are the motivation we are soaring high and continuously willing to reach higher.

Apart from flight being their best attribute, birds are blessed with varied shapes, sizes, colours, textures, and forms. Such incredible melange of engineering and visual design! The peculiar elements of design in birds largely depend on their habitat, their surrounding, and the weather. It also affects the kind of food they eat.

Birdwatching is often pursued as a hobby, but its scope is more significant than it appears. It is the foundation that kickstarts your journey in the world of birds. There are interesting concepts that you come across in your voyage of the bird world.

National Bird Day is celebrated in India on 5 January with the purpose of education and awareness in bird-related activities. It also makes people understand the importance of conserving the little angels that we are blessed with, without even praying for their existence.

Birds have been playing their part well by fulfilling their duties since the beginning and continue to do it. It is our responsibility to play our roles well in their conservation and trying our best to preserve their natural habitats.




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