Art of the Trucks

3 min readJul 4, 2019

A journey changes a man more than anything. Discovery is more meaningful when one travels. Indians associate emotions to every moment that we live. It is hard to imagine a road trip across India without ‘Horn OK Please’. We are so accustomed to the patterns and colours on trucks that we often fail to recognise their importance in the world of art.

January to December

Trucks are a symbol of long hours of travelling, meeting new souls, making friends, entering unknown territories or known paths again and again, and living each experience like a story, and this is what makes the Truck Art of India unique.

Inspired by the unprocessed beautiful styles of writing in rural India

Inspired by nature and the undertones of seasons in India

Inspired by folk art widely visible on fabrics and houses

Inspired by the vibrancy of a joyful experience of travelling and coming home

Inspired by the perfect design thinking applied in the truck art

The elements and principles of design finely create a visual delight for the artists who create it and the people who witness it. The regional variations signify a blend of culture, tradition, and heritage. The homely feel of the vernacular touch gives it a peculiarity of values, virtues, and philosophies of life. All this is uniquely visible from a distance of perspective, yet away from the feeling of an outsider.

January & December

The Truck Art of India has surpassed the boundaries of almost everything. An exciting part of our road trips, an inseparable wagon of the neighbourhood street, these works of local art create a rhythm of twists and turns.

Free-flowing patterns, floral designs, intriguing motifs, distinctive paisley, and vibrant colours signify every emotion, every sentiment. The art has a pace of beauty, a speed of moments, an identity of charisma. It is unknown, yet so familiar; It is our own, yet brand new every time.

Our involvement in the field of art and the sentiments called artworks, gave us an opportunity to honour the street art of India by intermingling its artistic identity with the principles of work and management. Motivational one-liners add magic to our 2018 calendar and reinstate the faith in the power of word inspired by the local language and its flow. Principles of work and management no longer feel alien, and the acceptance to embrace them simply happens through this Truck Art.

Days of Importance

It is a result of our profound engagement in the concept and the fondness for the way of its expression. Our effort to raise a toast to the treasured and exceptionally magnificent art has led to the creation of this elegant sophistication. We relish our addiction to the form and celebrate the star artists who create it and transport it to diverse soils and new lands.

The heart-to-heart connections, the everyday professionals, everyone who loves to work, travel, and live, we hope it touches the hearts as much as it inspires us.




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